Webinar: Maximizing PV System Performance with Single-Axis Trackers

Held: 6/21/18

“Maximizing PV System Performance with Single-Axis Trackers” 


Dan Shugar, Founder & CEO, Nextracker
Venkata Abbaraju, Senior Product Manager, Nextracker
Dustin Shively, Director of Engineering, Clenera
Scott Moskowitz, Senior Analyst, Solar, GTM Research

Watch the webinar below. To download the webinar slides directly, please click here.

About this webinar: 

Two of the most promising product technology trends in solar today are the bifacial PV module and software enhancing technologies such as Nextracker’s TrueCapture Smart Control System. For example, bifaciality allows the absorption of sunlight on the backside of the module, creating the potential for significant additional power production and lower overall levelized cost of energy (LCOE) compared to standard monofacial modules. The benefits of bifacial module technology can be significantly amplified when mounted on Nextracker’s NX Horizon self-powered, independent-row single-axis solar trackers.

Similarly, the TrueCapture smart control system can boost solar power plant production by continuously optimizing the tracking algorithm of each individual row in response to site features and changing weather conditions. One year after launch, we reflect on the 100’s of MW of field trial results on TrueCapture from Alabama to India. Longitudinal data suggests that the System’s advanced diffuse light and row-to-row tracking algorithm using machine learning and sensor technology is proving successful for energy yield enhancement. System owners are experiencing unprecedented energy yields of 2-6% in their sites due to the integration of TrueCapture technology in their existing solar tracker project sites.

This webinar will provide an opportunity for developers, financiers and solar industry colleagues to hear from subject matter experts and participate in a Q&A with subject matter experts on:

  • Pairing bifacial with solar trackers
  • TrueCapture technology overview
  • Field trial results: Case study on row to row tracking in Alabama (Clenera)
  • Pairing bifacial with TrueCapture
  • Q&A