D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments CEO Bryan Martin on TrueCapture

If you missed Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s Future of Energy conference, we’d like to share highlights of Nextracker and D. E. Shaw’s co-presentation on TrueCapture smart control system where we discuss field trial results for D.E. Shaw’s 74 MW plant. Held on April 9-10 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City, this is an annual event that brings together over a thousand energy luminaries, executives and policy makers from all over the U.S. by invitation only to discuss the current energy landscape and advanced technologies that are on the forefront, pushing renewables further into the mix. One such technology is Nextracker’s TrueCapture Smart Control System. Nextracker launched TrueCapture last year at Intersolar N.A. and it has since been implemented on 100s of megawatts in the U.S. and India for field trials.

TrueCapture is an intelligent, self-adjusting tracker control system that increases typical PV power plant energy by 2–6% by continuously optimizing the tracking algorithm of each individual row in response to site features and changing weather conditions. Through machine-learning and predictive modeling, cloud-based TrueCapture’s additional energy yields over the lifetime of the solar plant amount to millions of dollars for solar project owners and operators, ushering the modern solar power plant into the Age of Intelligence.