840 MW Villanueva Solar Project: Nextracker Goes the Distance

This video is a visual representation of the successful delivery of 840 megawatts (MW) of Nextracker smart solar trackers to the Villanueva solar project—the largest solar facility in the Americas, located in Torreón, Mexico. Enel Green Power selected Nextracker to supply and install the trackers and piers. As the mounting solution provider on the project, Nextracker, in turn, subcontracted with Swinerton Renewable Energy (SRE) to capitalize on Swinerton’s experience with projects of this magnitude.

To support the project and other new projects in Mexico and the southwestern region of the United States, Nextracker expanded its manufacturing footprint in Mexico. The on-time delivery of 26,000 piers and 1,624 miles of torque tubes to the Villanueva site is a testament to Nextracker’s meticulous supply chain management and logistics planning months prior to the build. With 650 MW installed at the site to date, the Nextracker and Swinerton team is installing at a rate of 100 MW per month.

Villanueva will feature advanced data connectivity, enabled by Nextracker’s recently developed NX Data Hub system. This platform communicates bi-directionally with Flex’s cyber-secure SmartNexus platform. This combined solution offers industry-leading control and data collection and management capabilities, enhancing operational control and analysis of Nextracker components. The Nextracker SCADA platform provides robust long-term data storage, streamlines the user experience, and accelerates commissioning by automating tracker configuration steps.