Solarplaza Webinar: Understanding and Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks in the Solar Industry

Held: 1/31/2018 

“Understanding and Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks in the Solar Industry”

We were excited to receive so many thoughtful questions during the session, click here to read Nextracker’s answers to these questions. To see the webinar description, click here.


Allan Daly, VP of Software Engineering, Nextracker

Tom Tansy, Chairman, Sunspec Alliance

John Franzino, Director of Grid Security, GridSME

About this webinar:

The era of digitization and interconnectedness of devices has put an emphasis on the notion of cybersecurity – especially given the growing sophistication of the cyber attacks. Such measures include designing security into the Balance of System iteself. John Franzino, Director of Grid Security at GridSME and Allan Daly, VP Software at Nextracker, will explore the drivers and possible solutions for this complex subject, diving into topics such as:

Threat assessment

  • The interconnectedness of the devices and their accessibility via the internet
  • Applicability of threats to the environment
  • Vulnerability assessment

Security measures  

  • Balancing costs and mitigation strategies
  • The positive effects of employing cybersecurity measures on ROI and energy production
  • Controls entailing little or no cost
  • Steps to take on an individual level independent of the IT department

Building Security into Product Design

  • Evolving best-practice approaches to secure bi-directional data connectivity
  • Demand and trends for NERC-CIP compliance with top tier developers and owners
  • Methods for developing and implementing products with security as a foremost concern