Solarplaza AI White Paper: Making Solar Smarter

Making Solar Smarter: Current & Future AI Applications 

Author: Mina Mesbahi, Solarplaza

The recent leaps and bounds in artificial intelligence technology and machine learning have ushered a new era driven by automation. Even though the integration of the solar industry and artificial intelligence is still considered to be in its infancy, the synergy of these two industries can revolutionize the current power generation practices across the world.

“In July 2017, Nextracker introduced a new tracker control system called ‘TrueCapture’, supported by the predictive BrightBox Technologies, described as “an intelligent, self-adjusting tracker control system that increases typical PV power plant energy by 2-6%”. TrueCapture continually improves the tracking algorithm of each row according to site characteristics and weather conditions, whereas standard systems track all the rows equally.”

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