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After deregulating the energy sector at the end of 2015, Mexico’s new paradigm has the market in flux. While it is unclear how it will shake out, opportunities for solar are opening up. In the absence of incentives, utility-scale solar projects will have to compete with conventional power — a challenge that we at NEXTracker embrace.

GTM Research predicts that if market rules play out well, solar could win as much as 500 MW generation capacity in two auctions in 2016. Developers will have to compete against wind and natural gas, however, which makes a strong case for our innovative trackers that reduce cost of ownership significantly. Our NEXTrackers generate up to 30 percent more yield compared to fixed-tilt solar, which gives us an advantage in the creation of a viable solar power plant.

Leveraging Flextronics’ manufacturing presence in Mexico and partnering with world-class suppliers, we can deliver trackers “Made in Mexico” for utility scale projects. These agreements allow us to secure high quality components, reduce material lead times, and complete projects faster.

As long as the playing field is leveled, we are game when it comes to compete with other power generation sources. Because that’s what we’re striving for: offering the most advanced clean power plant of the future.

Quick Facts

  • >12 GW Cumulative PV installed by 2020
  • >2 GW Solar installed in 2017
  • 784 MW Solar contracted or installed by NEXTracker by Dec. 2017

NEXTracker Projects

Securing Self-Supply

Los Santos

Location: Mexico
Installation/Commissioned: Mid 2016
Application Type: Commercial
Installation Type: NX Horizon
Capacity: 16 MWp


NEXTracker from the Air

Shot in the Chilean Atacama Desert, this video presents Javiera and Crucero Solar Power Plants. By partnering with SunEdison on these projects, NEXTracker’s breakthrough self-powered tracking technology is now one of the fastest growing solar tracking companies in Latin America.


NEXTracker expands its manufacturing presence in Mexico

Renewable Energy Magazine, January 27, 2016

NEXTracker Ships Trackers to Buenavista Renewables’s 16MW Mexican Project

EnergyTrend, March 3, 2015



In support of advancing the power plant of the future across the globe, NEXTracker is a member of several leading global industry associations.



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