Chile & Solar: How to Win the Race


With its excellent solar resources and a liberal electricity market, Chile has seen a rapid rise of PV power plants recently. The boom is expected to continue, but the competition for the best projects is fierce. That’s where we at NEXTracker with our industry-leading technology come in. Not only do we provide huge cost savings, but we also get your project into the ground faster.

Chile’s solar market is driven by utility-sized projects, many of them located close to the mining industry in the north of the country. Partnering with SunEdison, NEXTracker has been one of the market’s pioneers, deploying, installing, and commissioning two of the biggest solar power plants to date. Our reduced cost of ownership wins the bid; getting the tracker rows in the ground faster wins the race for limited grid access. With a target of 4.4 GW solar capacity installed by 2020, Chile is poised for a 50 percent compound annual solar growth rate.  

We are also leading the way in a country that has had the second largest solar growth in Latin America: Honduras. The 80 MW Choluteca/Pacifico Power Plant, featuring our NEXTracker 120, is the first large scale, grid-connected solar utility project in the country. We are blazing the trail, one clean solar power plant at a time.

Quick Facts

  • 4.4 GW Solar expected in 2020
  • 2.3 GW Solar under construction
  • 521 MW Solar installed 2015

NEXTracker Projects

In the harsh environment of Chile’s north country, our innovative trackers are proving their superior reliability, leading to higher uptimes and more yield.


NEXTracker from the Air

Shot in the Chilean Atacama Desert, this video presents Javiera and Crucero Solar Power Plants. By partnering with SunEdison on these projects, NEXTracker’s breakthrough self-powered tracking technology is now one of the fastest growing solar tracking companies in Latin America.


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