Asia-Pacific & Solar: Huge Growth on the Horizon


As home to some of the world’s largest energy consuming countries, the Asia-Pacific region plays a pivotal role in any attempt to slow down climate change. The increasing cost competitiveness of PV is driving market growth and demand diversification, resulting in the rise of various project business models from highly attractive feed-in tariffs (FIT) to corporate power purchase agreements (PPA), auction mechanisms, net energy metering (NEM) policies and renewable energy targets. The region is expected to install an annual average of 59 gigawatts (GW) of solar through 2023 and capture 12 percent of new power demand growth between 2018 and 2035, driven in large part by the emerging South East Asia (SEA) renewable energy sector – which has tripled its overall installed capacity in 2019 alone.

This growth will be tempered by concerns around bankability, transmission reliability, volatile currency prices, regulatory risk and land acquisition, making it crucial for developers and EPCs to build smarter, faster, and more cost-efficiently. That’s why we need to enable more intelligent, more innovative solar and energy storage plants in Asia-Pacific, just as we at NEXTracker envisioned them. 

With large looming targets ahead for countries like Vietnam (4.7 GW by 2020), Malaysia (436% year-over-year growth during 2015-2023), Indonesia (6.4 GW by 2025), Thailand (40% renewable energy by 2036) and the Philippines (15.3 GW by 2030)2, the APAC market should see healthy expansion for years to come. Designed from day one with reliability (see wind design white paper here) at the forefront, NEXTracker’s unwavering commitment is to provide the clean power plant of the future with superior technology, better yield and lower cost of ownership. Being able to leverage the manufacturing capacity of SEA suppliers and our parent company Flex in China, we are ready to give coal a run for its money. Join us, power on.

Quick Facts

  • 59 GW annual average installation of solar expected annually through 2023
  • 12% solar growth rate 2015 of new power demand growth between 2018-2035 
  • 110 MW average size among proposed Vietnam solar projects



Yang Liu , VP of Engineering, Power System & Controls at NEXTracker gives a product demonstration ( 产品演示 ) of the NX Horizon self-powered tracker. In Mandarin with English subtitles.


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