Asia-Pacific & Solar: Fighting the Good Fight Smarter


As the world’s largest energy consumer, China plays a pivotal role in any attempt to slow down climate change. While renewables have been soaring and commissioning rates of dirty coal plants are declining, grid curtailment has become an issue for clean energy generation. That’s why we need to build more intelligent, more innovative PV plants in China, just as we at NEXTracker envisioned them.  


In 2015, China installed 15.3 GW of solar (74 percent year-over-year growth), making it the biggest PV market on the planet again. This pace is projected to slow down due to grid issues, falling feed-in-tariffs, and a lower electricity growth rate. That makes it crucial for developers and EPCs to built smarter, faster, and more cost-efficiently. Our trackers offer just that: The solar power plant of the future with superior technology, better yield, and lower cost of ownership.


With China’s central government’s unwavering commitment to grow solar capacity to 150 GW by 2020, the market should see a healthy expansion for years to come. Being able to leverage the manufacturing capacity of our mother company Flextronics in China, we are ready to give coal a run for its money. Join us, power on.

Quick Facts

  • 15.3 GW Solar installed 2015
  • 74% Solar growth rate 2015
  • 3.7% Drop in coal generation 2015



Yang Liu , VP of Engineering, Power System & Controls at NEXTracker gives a product demonstration ( 产品演示 ) of the NX Horizon self-powered tracker. In Mandarin with English subtitles.


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