Lakeland Power Plant

Lakeland, Florida, United States


Positioned among farmland property lines and Central Florida’s abundant water features, this 7.8 MW project’s unique layout and high power output are made possible by NEXTracker’s configurable, independent row tracking system. Construction on the Lakeland project—from pile driving to module mounting—took less than five weeks.


Project Facts


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NEXTracker Advantages

PPA requirements, property lines and site conditions can complicate project development. NEXTracker simplified each stage of Lakeland’s development, from design through installation and well into operation and maintenance. With industry-leading power density, NEXTracker delivers the full economic potential of this project site. No longer constrained by a bulky drive system and the resulting rectilinear layouts, our unlinked tracker rows conform to the landscape and deploy more modules per site than any other tracking system.

Our streamlined, self-grounded design simplifies installation and minimizes the need for trenching and grading—some of the most costly and protracted installation steps. A swift mechanical installation translates to a quicker time to tracking, commissioning and energy delivery.

With unlinked rows and an efficient drive system, our tracker intelligently responds to Central Florida’s rapidly changing climate, effortlessly moving into stow positions and maximizing system uptime. NEXTracker pulls more power and profits out of each project phase, to advance the power plant of the future.

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