DeGrussa Gold and Copper Mine

Western Australia, Australia

Project Overview

Helping to supply the daytime electricity needs to the remote DeGrussa Gold and Copper Mine in Western Australia, NX Horizon™ self-powered tracker represents a technological innovation and a substantial cost savings for the Australian mining industry. The mine, which operates in an isolated area roughly 560 miles (900 km) north-east of Perth, was previously powered by a diesel generator facility. The introduction of NEXTracker’s solar solution has paved the way for one of the largest integrated solar installations in the country, providing peak power load to this essential local business. The DeGrussa Mine project is a prime example of how an established, industrial powerhouse such as the mining industry can benefit from renewable energy.

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Finding a Reliable Alternative to Offset Diesel

Traditionally, remote industries, such as mining, have relied on diesel generator facilities to power their infrastructure. However, environmental and economic concerns over this reliance on fossil fuels, led to a search for an alternative to transported diesel.

NX Horizon Self-Powered Tracker

The solar energy generated by NEXTracker’s self-powered rows is able to provide a clean, renewable, and reliable alternative. Due to the energy production from NX Horizon solar trackers, the DeGrussa Mine now offsets 1.3 million gallons (5 million liters) of diesel fuel per year, contributing to a steady stream of clean energy and cost savings.

Clean Energy Offsetting Fossil Fuels

Along with the energy boost provided by NX Horizon’s 120˚ rotational tracking range, NEXTracker’s advanced solution includes a self-powered drive system with integrated backup power. This allows for greater autonomy and cost savings compared to other trackers that require AC wiring. Since NX Horizon’s self-powered rows eliminate the need for AC wiring, NEXTracker offered a simplified, easier-to-construct solution to the secluded, far-off location of this Australian mine. Joining the growing number of mines powered by renewable energy, the Degrussa Copper and Gold Mine project shines as a leading example, one that will help drive further advancements in energy supply for remote industries across the globe.

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