Software & Smart Controls

Software & Smart Controls

Software & Smart Controls

Intelligence. Optimized.

NEXTracker’s advanced solar tracker control and monitoring software systems, TrueCaptureTM and NX NavigatorTM, boost solar plant production, improve monitoring and control capabilities, and mitigate the risk of inclement weather conditions such as hailstorms, hurricanes and snow.

Paired for Performance


The combination of NEXTracker’s flagship NX Horizon™  and two-in-portrait (2P) NX Gemini™  trackers offers customers the industry’s most comprehensive solar tracker portfolio, providing greater flexibility to reliably configure systems at project sites for maximum energy output across a broad range of site and weather conditions.

NX Horizon

Built with field-proven quality and reliability, our flagship NX Horizon is the single-axis solar tracker of choice on close to 30 GW of projects around the world.

  • Number-one global market share
  • Rapid assembly and installation
  • 120 degree rotation
  • Ease of service

NX Gemini

Engineered for resilience, the NX Gemini two-in-portrait (2P) solar tracker optimizes lifetime value and performance on sites with challenging terrain, irregular project shapes and intense weather.

  • Maximum modules per foundation
  • Shorter rows for simpler site layout
  • Highest power density on the market
  • Stable in all wind conditions

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