Module Partners

Module Partners

Solar Modules

We at NEXTracker are constantly thinking about how to make our innovative solar power plant even better.

On top of our other inventions, we took component integration one step further, partnering with best-in-class manufacturers to offer you solar modules optimized for our tracker rails. For you, that means we can simplify the procurement process and streamline the project design. We are all about speeding up the process so that you get your clean power plant in the ground and switched on faster.

Standard Offering

Several Tier 1 solar module manufacturers offer modules with frames that fit our NEXTracker rail system perfectly. If you choose one of the module series listed here, you can be sure that we at NEXTracker have evaluated and pre-qualified the module frames to fit seamlessly with our rail system.

NEXTracker's solar modules

Special Order

If you don’t find what you’re looking for at these module partners, we can also special order compatible solar modules from four additional manufacturers. BYD and Canadian Solar are producing pre-qualified frames that fit our NEXTracker rails perfectly. Be sure to request the NEXTracker specifications for your project before you buy from these manufacturers.

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