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At NEXTracker, we offer the highest performing and quality products for your PV system and solar + storage needs. While NX Horizon™ is our most advanced single-axis tracker yet, our award-winning NX Fusion™ reduces planning and commissioning time even further as a product bundle. Building on our NX Fusion, NX Fusion Plus™ is our latest solar + storage product, integrating the latest, best-in-class solar tracker, battery, inverter, and software technologies to deliver better returns on investment to owners of solar power plants.

NX Horizon

Our sought after single-axis tracker technology, NX Horizon™, brings self-contained motor power to each row of solar panels, using less steel, rotating a full 120 degrees. Smartly designed and beautifully efficient, NX Horizon has been installed on close to 6 gigawatts of solar projects globally. Led by an all-star team of solar professionals, NEXTracker is the #1 solar tracker in the world in terms of shipments. (GTM, 2016)


TrueCapture™ is an intelligent, self-adjusting tracker control system that increases typical PV power plant energy by 2–6%. TrueCapture boosts solar power plant production by continuously optimizing the tracking algorithm of each individual row in response to site features and changing weather conditions.

NX Fusion & NX Fusion Plus

Our product bundle NX Fusion™ features pre-engineered tracker power blocks with our NX Horizon™ at its heart, fully equipped with an inverter, PV modules, UPS, piers, and control system. By incorporating battery storage technology into NX Fusion, NX Fusion Plus™ solar + storage product further increases the energy output and duration of solar power plants, just as tracking technology did for fixed-tilt solar applications.


We at NEXTracker design, build, install, and service the most advanced trackers in the industry. We also monitor performance and troubleshoot. Customer service is an attitude—one that we value greatly.

Design Engineering

It’s amazing what we at NEXTracker can do thanks to the unique flexibility of our innovative unlinked single-axis tracker design. In close collaboration with you, our NEXTracker design engineering team makes sure you take full advantage of that. We are confident that no other company gets you as many kilowatt-hours per land usage as we can, with less steel and greatly reduced grading, minimizing costs and installation time. Here is how we do it.

Project Management

We at NEXTracker pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Our project managers live at the center of our service universe; they are your single point of contact. They strive to anticipate your needs even before you tell us about them. Your project is our project — until we hand it over to you, running smoothly and reliably delivering clean energy for years to come.

Training Support

Nobody knows our innovative technology better than we do — and we are happy to share our knowledge with you. Offering classes at our PowerworX Academy and customized O&M training is part of our philosophy at NEXTracker to provide superior support for our customers. So that you know exactly what you are doing, save time and money in the process. Pick up your pencil and tools and join us at PowerworX Academy or contact us and we’ll design a customized training specifically designed for you and your installation crew.

Customer Care Programs

Customer service is tightly woven into NEXTracker’s company DNA. We have 30 years of experience with boots on the ground, and we know how to best help you speed installation, lower project costs, insure proper maintenance, and answer every question you might have. We’ve got you covered with our on-site NEXTracker Support Base™ and our PowerworX™ Academy training. Customer service is an attitude — one that we’ve always valued, and always will.

Performance Monitoring

As solar power plants grow bigger and bigger, tracking solar power performance becomes a vital issue. When downtimes mean tens of thousands of dollars lost, performance monitoring impacts your bottom line directly. Knowing that, we made sure you can monitor and control your NEXTracker power plant like no other: remotely, precise, automated, in real time.

Module Partners

We at NEXTracker are constantly thinking about how to make our innovative solar power plant even better. So on top of our other inventions we took component integration one step further, partnering with best-in-class manufacturers to offer you solar modules optimized for our tracker rails. Read more…

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