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Our leadership team at NEXTracker has driven innovation in solar tracker technology for more than 25 years. What once was a niche technology is now the preferred choice for the world’s largest PV plants — and we’ve been there from the very beginning. Using NEXTracker for your next utility-sized project makes a lot of sense because our unique technology offers a superior return on investment, guaranteed.



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Building a utility-sized solar power plant is quite a task. The number of parties involved, the amount of permits required, and the size of obstacles to overcome can be daunting. We at NEXTracker know that because we live it every day. There is a straight lineage from our leadership team commercializing the first tracker system for utilities two decades ago to the inception of the advanced NEXTracker to date.

All this experience came into play not only when we designed our advanced tracker systems but also when we set up our project management, equipped the NX Support Base, implemented quality control, and had independent third party testing and bankability studies. But in the end, the numbers have to pan out. Less grading, less steel, less wiring, more yield, and better O&M add up to millions of dollars saved with the NEXTracker system. Our products have been greenlit by the most critical engineers and the most diligent bankers.

And there is another reason why leading EPCs trust NEXTracker to supply gigawatts of solar capacity in the next couple of years: We get it. Our project managers and field engineers have an EPC mindset. We know how we get your project up and running faster and without costly hiccups. Our boots are on the ground with you from start to finish. We don’t just promise, we execute. And we have the projects to show for it. Just take a look around.

Featured EPC Projects

We’ve supplied trackers to some of the biggest solar power plants in the world. And we are just getting started.


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Javiera Power Plant Atacama Desert, Chile


Moree Solar Farm New South Wales, Australia



Some of the world’s leading EPCs and developers trust us with their biggest projects because we bring together solar expertise and tracker innovation in a way nobody else can.

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