Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

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Finally, a Practical Way to Track for DG

You already know that solar power plants are a great way to secure cheap and clean energy for any business. With NEXTracker, those numbers look even better. Our unique, innovative trackers allow for easier design, better ground coverage, more yield, and a faster payback. How would you like to get 25 percent more yield than fixed-tilt systems? 30 percent more power density than other trackers? Pair those with our unmatched service from planning to construction to O&M, and you are in for the NEXTracker experience. 

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This site design graphic demonstrates how NEXTracker’s unlinked rows result in greater energy output and site layout configurability.

What We Do Better

When we talk about the distributed generation (DG) market, we think of agricultural businesses and many other commercial entities that want to lighten their electrical load with clean energy. Historically, that meant building fixed-tilt solar arrays. But now our single-axis advanced NEXTrackers with streamlined deployment and greater energy production make perfect sense for your DG project. Our trackers are more efficient and provide, ultimately, the best ROI for you.

Thanks to our innovative design with truly independent tracker rows, we can fit your solar power plant in odd spaces, unconstrained from grading issues, flooding concerns or east-west slopes. Constructing a plant around existing structures or within crooked layouts is now possible — and it’s crucial to meet the needs of working businesses, farms, schools or other organizations with limited acreage. With advanced tracking systems, we can help you overcome land constraints. With NEXTracker’s savvy approach to DG solar deployment, we transform an otherwise unproductive tract of land into a valuable asset.  

DG Customers

There’s a growing number of partners that prefer to build their next distributed energy generation project with NEXTracker products. Here are some of them:

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Customer Feature

Our distributed generation business has grown exponentially in the last few years – and there is no end in sight. Find out why NEXTracker solutions work so well for our customers.

CalCom Solar

CalCom Solar is a solar developer in California’s Central Valley. The company is specialized in helping the small family farms in the area to turn their energy liabilities into a productive asset that makes them money. CalCom prefers to build with NEXTracker. 

Solar farms are being installed at a rapid rate in California thanks to the experience and dedication of CalCom Solar. CalCom Solar is a design-build company, focused exclusively on solar energy systems for agriculture and water. They design and install systems that off-set the high electrical demands of agricultural production while helping customers to reduce operational expenses, improve their bottom line, and farm more sustainably

Agricultural producers in almost every sector – almonds, dairy, tomatoes, citrus, row crops, cotton, and many others – are turning to the solar solutions offered by NEXTracker and CalCom Solar to minimize crop displacement, reduce operational impacts, and maximize their return on investment. Medeiros & Son Dairy, Bar VP Farms, and Woolf Farming & Processing are a few examples of agricultural companies determined to improve efficiencies across their entire operation – and they value quantifiable results. These customers chose the CalCom Solar/NEXTracker solution because of its high performance, greater yields and cost effectiveness – minimizing overall operations and maintenance. 

Often times solar energy arrays require designs that fit inside irregular parcel configurations or otherwise unusable/non-arable land. Thanks to NEXTracker’s NX Horizon single-axis tracker, these constraints are skillfully overcome. NX Horizon’s independent row architecture allows for unmatched flexibility in site design so CalCom Solar’s customers can use their available acreage to design an optimal solar array. 


The VanderPoel Dairy Project

VanderPoel Dairy is a leading dairy producer located in Pixley in the U.S. state of California. By building a 1.1 MW solar power plant with NEXTracker’s single-axis NX Horizon at its core, the company will save millions of dollars on energy costs over the lifetime of their solar array. 

Key benefits:

  • $264,000 per year energy expenses reduced
  • Low rates for 25 years locked in
  • 42% of energy needs offset by solar
  • 2,200 MWh per year generated equal 1,509 metric tons of carbon dioxide saved

And it looks beautiful to boot:


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