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  • FT Energy Transition Strategies Summit North America 2019

    | San Francisco
    Parc 55

The energy industry is facing an increasing need to adapt, invest and innovate as global demand grows and as constraints on greenhouse gas emissions tighten around the world.  New players and partnerships are emerging and the incumbents are re-evaluating their strategies in order to compete and achieve longevity in a low-carbon future.  Technological breakthroughs are helping to turn the challenges into opportunities to improve efficiencies and facilitate the transition to a clean energy economy. 

The Financial Times is bringing the latest in its series of Energy Transition Strategies Summits to San Francisco.  California and its technology industry are at the forefront of the drive towards changing the way energy is produced and consumed.  At this Summit, energy leaders, innovators and investors will explore how to work together to understand the risks, navigate the uncertainties and realize responsible and profitable growth. 

Speaker: Dan Shugar, CEO, NEXTracker
Location: San Francisco
Venue: Parc 55 

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