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  • Energyear Conosur 2019

    | Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Sheraton Libertador

2019 Energyear Conosur is a unique event series offering an incomparable space for discussions and synergies for the main actors from the energy, technology and mobility sector tackling policy, industrial, financial and technological issues. The main topics discussed at Energyear events cover present and future challenges and opportunities in the energy sector and its regional impact from public policies in energy, mobility and energy efficiency to new financing mechanisms and new disruptive technologies.

“Optimización de Proyectos Renovables Solares: Diseño, Construcción, O&M y Nuevas Tecnologías
Presenting: Alejo Lopez, Senior Sales Director for Latin America and Mexico
When: March 13th @ 10:30 A.M.

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In case you missed it, see our recent joint press release with Atlas Renewable Energy announcing that our TrueCapture™ smart control system will be deployed across Atlas Renewable Energy’s 500 MW Latin American solar portfolio.

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