Making Installations Simpler and Smarter for EPCs

Quick and easy to install, our smart, field-proven tracker systems can handle any terrain. Our global supply chain, installation and commissioning teams expedite the successful completion of your utility and C&I solar projects.

Mortenson and Nextracker have successfully collaborated on gigawatts of projects, from small jobs to over 300 MW systems.
We are delighted with Nextracker’s quality, responsiveness, and
on-time delivery.
— Trent Mostaert, Vice President and General Manager, Mortenson Solar and Emerging Renewables
Nextracker’s technology has allowed us to optimize installation time on solar projects of any size and whenever we need support, they are right there. We’re proud to partner with Nextracker and look forward to our continued collaboration to provide high quality installations for utility and C&I scale solar projects across the energy market in Australia.—  Glen Thomson, General Manager of Beon Energy Solutions
The Nextracker team has always collaborated with us during their product development process, resulting in trackers that are faster to build, compatible for more sites and easier to maintain. NX Gemini is a strong tracker option for sites with challenging topography and geotechnical conditions.— George Hershman, president of Swinerton Renewable Energy

Partners in Project Management

From plant design to construction to commissioning, Nextracker partners with EPCs to help manage their projects and complete them on time and on budget. Our systems incorporate top-quality materials and components, minimizing the use of steel, making it easier to package and ship. By simplifying logistics, it cuts the time it takes to get your project online and running smoothly. Our global supply chain, backed by the manufacturing and logistics network of our parent company Flex, handles hundreds of megawatts of product every week and has delivered components and systems to projects in more than 20 countries.

In addition to being your partner in project management, Nextracker created our PowerworX installer training Academy for all EPC partners and third-party installers. Our seasoned instructors provide cross-functional, hands-on instruction to solar workers on the fundamentals and finer points of the design, installation, commissioning, software, and operations and maintenance of our advanced PV systems. Check out our global course offerings and session dates, here.

Solar Tracker Portfolio to Meet Your Project Needs

Deployed at more than 45 GW of solar power plants around the world, the market-leading NX Horizon smart solar tracker system combines best-in-class hardware and software to help EPCs maximize performance and minimize operational costs for their customers. Nextracker’s family of bifacial-ready, smart solar trackers, the flagship NX Horizon and two-in-portrait (2P) NX Gemini, provide customers with greater flexibility to reliably configure systems at project sites for maximum energy output across a broad range of site and weather conditions.

NX Horizon Decentralized Smart Tracker for Easy, Rapid Installation: NX Horizon’s reliable self-powered motor and control system, balanced mechanical design and independent-row architecture provide project design flexibility while lowering operation and maintenance costs. With its self-aligning module rails and vibration-proof fasteners (see Fastener White Paper to learn more), NX Horizon can be easily and rapidly installed. The self-powered, decentralized architecture allows each row to be commissioned in advance of site power and is designed to withstand high winds and other adverse weather conditions.

NX Gemini 2P Tracker for Challenging Sites and Terrain: The NX Gemini 2P tracker is ideally suited for sites with challenging soils, high winds, and irregular boundaries. Featuring a patent-pending distributed drive system for maximum stability in extreme weather, this eliminates the need for dampers and produces virtually zero energy losses associated with stowing. NX Gemini’s flexible 2P module configuration allows for the maximum number of modules per foundation. With the lowest number of foundations per megawatt on the market, NX Gemini helps reduce tracker installation costs on difficult sites. Construction velocity is further enhanced by a simple assembly process, which uses electric tool-actuated swaged fasteners and bolted connections, with no field cutting, drilling or welding required.

The Digital Advantage

Our PV systems feature fully integrated advanced data platforms that enable digital connectivity and smart predictive learning, including specialized software tools that help expedite commissioning. In addition to optimizing installation practices, our software helps boost plant performance and extend system lifetime, a competitive advantage for EPCs that want to help their customers optimize their asset performance and maximize their financial returns.