Driven to Innovate

Driven to Innovate


Moving the Industry Forward

With close to three dozen patents filed since 2015, we have focused our efforts to design best-in-class innovations that enable accelerated construction schedules, reduced costs, higher energy yield and repeatable installation outcomes. To do this, our experienced team of professionals engineer, design and deliver the industry’s most innovative trackers –  to ensure maximum reliability and performance, and ultimately delivering superior profits for solar project builders, owners and operators.

Watch this video to hear NEXTracker CTO, Alex Au, tell his innovation story.

People at the Core

Obsessively Engineered

Here at NEXTracker, our engineers bring a sense of curiosity to every project. Give us a design challenge and our focused teams will find a solution. The secret to our breakthrough tracker design is a century of solar experience and an obsessive drive for product innovation. By continually improving upon our own successes, we dramatically improve project economics, boosting energy yield and reducing costs.

Innovation image_CAD


Product Roadmap

Ahead of the Curve, Making History

In a few short years, we’ve gone from a product company to a solutions provider. And we haven’t done this alone. Working together with our customers, we are advancing the global renewable industry with solar firsts and we do this by optimizing our product road map. Some technological advances that have kept us ahead of the game are: unlinked rows, 90 module row blocks, 1500 volt and glass-on-glass solutions, self-grounded structure design, and self-powered tracker with integrated UPS on every row.  Let’s continue to build this road map, together. 


Innovate with us.