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Our mission at NEXTracker is to secure a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come. With that goal in mind, we design, manufacture, build, and service the world’s most advanced single-axis solar trackers for the power plants of the future, big and small. Our breakthrough technology enables you to harvest the sun more efficiently, at lower costs, and with more flexibility.

Founded in 2013, we operate as an independent subsidiary of Flextronics International Ltd (Flex) since October 2015. Flex is a $27B company with over 200,000 employees worldwide. With Flex’s 100 manufacturing sites in 30 countries, NEXTracker is now more scalable, reliable, and bankable than ever before. Delivering our trackers for dozens of projects across five continents, we are one of the fastest growing cleantech companies in solar today.


NEXTracker is a subsidiary of Flextronics International Ltd (Flex)



Quick Facts

  • nxhorizonprojects7.4GW NX HORIZON PROJECTS
  • emissions 1,976,025T CO2 EMISSONS OFFSET*
  • houses_powered1,436,818 HOMES POWERED*
  • trees_planted3,848,286 TREES PLANTED*

*Sources: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); American Forests; US EIA; American Forests. 2016. Quick facts are “equivalents” only and NX Horizon Projects refers to under contract, construction or commissioned projects.


Our solar all-star team, led by NEXTracker founder and CEO Dan Shugar, builds on a combined industry experience of more than 150 years. In fact, it was our executives who installed the first solar tracker in the U.S. two decades ago. We’re very proud to have made this technology viable at utility scale. You can count on our experience, our innovation, and our ability to execute on your project, however straightforward or complex it may turn out to be.




Every step of the way we seek to maximize sustainability at NEXTracker. That includes the design of our trackers, their manufacturing process, their installation in the field and their maintenance and longevity. Sustainability for us is not just a word, it’s the principle that guides our thinking and the way we act.

We Think Big

Our goal is simple and bold: We are working to make solar the largest source of power generation, period. At NEXTracker we believe that harnessing the power of the sun is the most efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and clean way to go. Solar energy has to play a major role in the energy mix of the future if we want to meet the climate goals the United Nations set out to save the planet. That’s why we’ve designed the most advanced solar power plant yet, always with a keen eye on every aspect of its environment.


We Act on Core Values

When we reimagined solar tracking systems, each engineering and manufacturing decision had to stand up to our rigorous sustainability goals. One example: To minimize the use of limited resources and reduce toxins emitted during manufacturing, our cutting-edge trackers are designed to work with as little steel as possible, with 30% less steel compared to standard trackers. And while galvanizing the steel, we make sure that we apply just the right amount of zinc for any given climate and site conditions. We continuously improve our processes to be leaner and cleaner.


We Tread Lightly

Where others show up with bulldozers and concrete pumps, we just need a pile driver. At NEXTracker we understand that the topsoil of a solar site is a most precious habitat that we need to protect. So we came up with a design that reduced the amount of piers per row by one third and does not need concrete foundations. In most cases, we can also forgo the grading of a site from east to west, leaving the ecosystem intact. Because our trackers are self-powered with a solar panel and a battery, you save cables and trenches while leaving the natural environment mostly undisturbed. What’s more, NX Horizon is more configurable and flexible than any other, allowing for a more compact layout, reducing land use. We are passionate about these aspects of your power plant because at NEXTracker we think as much about how to maximize your yield as we want to minimize our ecological footprint.



We love to network — and keeping an ear to the ground helps us do our best work. Come and meet your NEXTracker representative at these events around the world. We will be there to answer all your questions, to listen and to learn.

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We are NEXTracker

NEXTracker Team on roof_GRID

We are growing fast and furious on a global scale. At our headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, we work on making the most sophisticated solar trackers even better. We are passionate about what we do and we are serious about our mission to secure a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come, one row of moving solar panels at a time. Do you have what it takes to advance the energy system of the future (and save the planet in the process)? Come and join us!

NEXTracker operates as an independent subsidiary of Flextronics International Ltd (Flex), a $27 billion company with more than 200,000 employees worldwide. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that offers generous, location-specific benefits.


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