WoodMac: Nextracker Tops Global Solar Tracker Rankings for 2019

By Lindsay Cherry and Chloe Holden, WoodMackenzie Power & Renewables

The U.S. market for PV trackers exploded in 2019 as developers used them for safe-harboring.

Nextracker remained the leading global PV tracker vendor in 2019, according to WoodMac’s latest tracker vendor rankings, followed by Array Technologies and PV Hardware. Most of the top PV tracker vendors shipped 1.5 to 2 times as many trackers last year as they did in 2018. The United States accounted for 50 percent of global tracker shipments in 2019, growing by 226 percent year-over-year, the most growth seen in any region.

The U.S. Tracker Market

The U.S. tracker market was so robust last year in large part as a result of companies safe-harboring equipment to achieve eligibility for the federal Investment Tax Credit. Wood Mackenzie saw vendors attribute many more shipments to safe-harboring than initially anticipated. However, even excluding safe-harboring, the U.S. saw tracker market shipments double in 2019. The ITC safe-harboring provision pulled tracker shipments into 2019 and accounted for between 35 and 40 percent of total shipments in the U.S. Nextracker and Array Technologies maintained their respective first- and second-place rankings in the U.S., while PV Hardware took third place. Collectively, they account for four-fifths of the market.

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