Apple Picks Single Axis Trackers and Bifacial Solar Panels

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Swinerton Renewable Energy is moving to interconnection this week of the 200 MWac / 251 MWdc Techren II facility in Boulder, Nevada. The plant uses Nextracker single-axis trackers and bifacial solar modules from Canadian Solar and LONGi.


Swinerton Renewable Energy is deploying just over 688,000+ solar modules from LONGiand Canadian Solar, to be gently rocked by Nextracker single-axis trackers and managed by Sungrow inverters on just over 1,000 acres of land in the City of Boulder, Nevada. The facility signed a 3.115¢/kWh power purchase agreement with Apple that was projected to start July 1, 2019 and run through the end of 2044.

The facility is part of a broader group of five solar projects in the Techren family, imaginatively named Techren I, II, III, IV and V.

NV Energy, in conjunction with Apple, designated 5 MW of the Techren II facility to be part of the utility’s Subscription Solar program. The program allows NV Energy customers to subscribe to 100-kilowatt hour blocks of solar energy generated within the state.

In the NV Energy Integrated Resource Plan Summary (pdf) filed in April, it is noted that the facility has an expected cost of $567,165,000 to be spent at a price of $31.15/MWh via a sales agreement with Apple between 7/1/19 and 12/31/2044.

Nextracker’s case study (pdf) of the facility notes NX Horizon technology being implemented, and that the company “orchestrated” the delivery of more than 700 containers of components from Mexico and Portugal at an average pace of 25 MW/week during a two-and-a-half-month period.

Nextracker’s design also highlighted over 200 hours of value engineering work and quality review with Swinerton Renewable Energy’s engineering crew. The facility can withstand 115 mph (185 kmh) wind speeds.


Photo Courtesy of SRE/Brian Doll.