Borrego Solar: Sacramento International Airport

Issue 11.5, Sep/Oct ’18 

By: SolarPro Staff

The 7.9 MW Sacramento International Airport solar project is the largest on-airport solar facility in California. Commissioned in December 2017, the installation consists of a 15-acre east site on the airport’s Aviation Drive and a 20-acre north site located near the runway. Between the two sites, Borrego Solar installed more than 23,000 LG solar modules mounted on Nextracker self-powered independent-row trackers. The arrays will provide enough energy to offset a projected 30% of the airport’s electricity demand, enough to power 1,600 homes annually.

The airport took advantage of a PPA mechanism with NRG Energy, which enabled the airport to deploy solar without any capital outlay. Under this financial structure, NRG owns and operates the facility and sells electricity to Sacramento International Airport at a reduced rate. The airport pays for the PPA through savings from electricity costs. Projected cost savings from the project are an average of $850,000 annually throughout the 25-year PPA term.

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“The Sacramento airport installation was a major success despite complexities associated with a project of this scope and navigating the security intricacies of constructing at an airport. Our success was due to comprehensive planning and implementation of Borrego core principles in regard to design, installation and logistics. Working through the interconnection process with SMUD was a fantastic experience, due to daily communication and even a gear inspection via video-conference from the Eaton factory. I was extremely impressed by SMUD’s ability to keep to a tight timeline that was necessary for the PPA owner.”

—Nick Clemens, Borrego Solar