United States: Texas to get its biggest solar plant at 315 MW-DC

Innergex purchased the rights to develop the massive Phoebe solar power plant on the day that the project received a full notice to proceed with construction.


Texas solar is starting to move. In January, developer 174 Power Global announced a new soon-to-be largest solar power plant for Texas at 236 MW-DC. A few weeks ago was the announcement of the soon-to-be largest energy storage plant – 10 MW / 42 MWh – coupled with the current largest solar plant. And larger projects may also be coming too, as ranchers in the western part of the state whisper about 500 MW projects.

Yesterday Canada’s Innergex announced the acquisition of development rights of a 315 MW-DC (250 MW-AC) solar power plant (PDF) on the same day that the project received full Notice to Proceed (NTP) for construction from local permitting parties. The Phoebe project is expected to complete construction in the third quarter of 2019. The company lists three other solar power plants – and many other energy projects – on its energy asset site map.

The project has a 12-year power purchase agreement in place with Shell Energy for 89% of the electricity produced, with the remaining 11% being sold into the merchant market. The estimated total construction costs will be $397 million, giving an installation price of $1.26 per watt-DC.

Innergex forecasts an astounding 33.7% AC net capacity factor based on an annual generation projection of 738 GWh, per documents from the Texas comptroller (PDF).

The Winkler Country project will use Nextracker NX Horizon Horizontal single-axis balanced-mass trackers and First Solar Series 6 solar modules. The inverters are by Power Electronics, model HEM 3000.

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