CalCom Solar: D’Arrigo California Ranch 7

By SolarPro Staff | Issue 11.3, May/Jun ’18

Headquartered in Salinas, D’Arrigo California is a premier grower, packer and shipper of quality fruits and vegetables. In April 2018, CalCom Solar commissioned the 1.1 MW D’Arrigo California Ranch 7 Phase 3 project, which increased the D’Arrigo’s privately owned PV assets to 3.3 MW. The D’Arrigo California Ranch 7 Phase 3 installation presented unique challenges based on the existing operations and infrastructure. As opposed to aligning based on cardinal directions (north, south, east and west), Phase 3 aligned based on an old ranch map that showed a road running northeast to southeast. To avoid imposing major infrastructure redesigns, CalCom Solar utilized the flexibility of the Nextracker system to minimize project impact and align with the existing road and field edge.

With a moderate 1.8% slope, the project did not present the challenge of a steep site; nonetheless, the construction crews excelled at maintaining a uniform slope within the array to eliminate any potential shading from one row to the next. Using a dual-slope laser, they calculated the north-south slope, as well as the east-west slope, and made a digital plane to drive the tops of piles to. Given the team’s experience in dealing with slopes on past projects, it is no surprise that the project turned out as well as it did.

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