6th Quality Roundtable at SPI 2017: Focus on LCOE and Quality

By on October 11, 2017

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pv magazine held it’s 6th Annual Quality Roundtable at SPI in Las Vegas.  The event included a review of various quality cases in large scale PV plants and a panel discussion led by a variety of experts across the solar value chain.

NEXTracker’s Marty Rogers spoke on how quality, reliability and durability is about culture within a company, saying “I think you can have people that are dedicated to this industry that want to see it grow really fast and they push technology along. That was the beginning of PV, guys that were really inventive and trying new things, but the quality wasn’t really there. Today, you are in a market with these fields that are 700 MW and have thousands and thousands of tracker systems and thousands of inverters and the culture of the company has to be around the idea that we’re going to manage the quality, reliability and durability from the very, very top CEO level down to the bottom. Ford did a thing years ago where anybody on the line could stop the line. I think that’s what our industry needs to get to and that culture doesn’t come from the guy at the bottom saying I’m going to push the button. It comes from the guy at the top saying it’s okay to push.”

Check out the video above and the joint presentation for highlights and stay tuned for information on pv magazine’s future Round Tables.