NEXTracker Global Services Teams Make Customer Success Their Top Priority

By on June 14, 2017
NEXTracker team photo

NEXTracker was founded not only to build the next generation of single-axis trackers, but also to foster a customer-first approach to solar tracker lifetime support. Our experienced team has installed and operated gigawatts of projects over the years and has a proven track record of ensuring total customer success.

As a result, NEXTracker knows how important it is to listen to our customers and to quickly respond to their needs anywhere in the world, which is why we offer a comprehensive suite of global customer services.

Check out Matt Miller from my team telling the customer care story in the video below:


The “global” part of the offering comes in several different forms. First, we have dedicated service and technical support centers and parts warehouses, staffed by experienced local experts, located in the U.S., Australia, and India, with plans for growth in many regions around the globe. This regionalized service capability allows us to quickly respond to any technical request, reaching nearly every key market in the world. We’re never too far from having a strong technical solution for our customers.Our global footprint reflects the strength of our parent company, Flex. With its strong financial support and more than 200,000 employees working around the globe, Flex brings us strong local market knowledge and tremendous reach. Our parent company supports the NEXTracker services teams and helps them localize their efforts, bolstering our presence, and accelerates our entry into new markets, allowing us to be closer to our customers. Our worldwide footprint gives developers, EPCs and asset owners the confidence that NEXTracker and Flex have their backs and that we’ll be around to help over the 25-year-plus lifetimes of their projects. 

The “services” part of our offering runs the gamut, from the beginning of the presale engineering work, to construction support and project management, then onto plant commissioning and eventually to operations and maintenance (O&M) and asset management. The upfront team designs the tracker system, performs soil, topography, wind and other testing, and then transitions the process to our sales support team, which then creates the order and moves it to project management. The project management group works with the customer, showing them how our tracker systems work and how to install a “golden row” of trackers before handing off to the contractors to build the power plant.

Here’s Alex Roedel, our director of project engineering services, talking about our site design capabilities:

Once the contractor nears the conclusion of the installation, our commissioning team comes in and performs a comprehensive mechanical and communications test. They work with the installation team to make any needed corrections, and then turn the system over to the end-customer for final interconnection. Once the plant is operational, our O&M and asset management team makes sure the systems are maintained and running smoothly and that their kilowatt-hour production is optimized—and revenue stream maximized.

In addition to boots-on-the-ground support, NEXTracker global services has a digital side. As my NEXTracker colleague Allan Daly noted in his recent blog post, software automation is playing an increasing role in improving our products and our services. Take the example of commissioning. After our smart tracker systems have been installed and the power has been delivered to the site, they need to be configured correctly, tested and validated in order for them to run properly and do their job harvesting the sun. The NX software group spent a lot of time in the field with our commissioning team. Using what we learned, we built a software platform that fully supports the commissioning process, dramatically reduces the time needed for commissioning, and improves the overall high-quality results. In fact, we’ve halved the amount of time it takes to commission a NEXTracker installation, providing better results for customers and accelerating their time to revenue.

Here’s Allan speaking with GTM Research’s MJ Shiao on our software ecosystem and team advantage:

Allan Daly at GTM Solar Software Summit 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ

Since our recent white paper and related blog series went into detail about our extensive O&M and asset management offering, I won’t rehash that too much here. But I did want to underscore the importance of our global training programs. Teaching our customers how to manage their tracker assets, how to improve the productivity of those assets, and ensure that those assets are producing at the desired level are all becoming increasingly important parts of what asset management is all about. We’re also making our software more customer friendly, so that they can understand what’s happening with their system and can take steps locally to improve the system’s productivity.

Since NEXTracker was founded out of the need for responsive customer care, you can be sure that we will always be driven to listen and rapidly respond. As we build out the NEXTracker global services team, we’re confident that we will continually improve our ability to partner with our customers and help them achieve success over the lifetime of their projects.