NEXTracker Tools Series

By on May 17, 2017


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The NEXTracker tool series is intended to teach best practices for the use of HUCK tools during the installation of NEXTracker single-axis solar tracker systems.

Please take a moment to review the following videos for general guidance on operation and maintenance of the Huck tools.  These videos are intended to provide a basic tutorial, please refer to the manufacturers manuals for proper operation and maintenance.

For additional help, see the Huck links below for video assistance and tool manuals.


NEXTracker Tools Series: 913F Powerig®

NEXTracker Tools Series: SF20  BobTail® Tool


NEXTracker Tools Series: 2624 BOM®

NEXTracker Tools Series:A1100 244BT Module Tools

Additional HUCK Resources (via

Tooling Overview

Tool Maintenance Video

Tool Guide