NEXTracker Heeds India’s Need to Expand Solar Workforce

By on January 4, 2017
solar workforce training

With Indian Prime Minister Modi’s aggressive clean energy target of 100 GW of installed solar capacity by 2022, EPCs are seeking a trained workforce. To wit, the market for clean energy jobs in India is exploding – as of 2015, grid-connected solar and wind energy created nearly 70,000 full-time jobs[1], and it continues to skyrocket. Just this week, research firm Bridge to India announced an estimated 7.7 gigawatts to be installed in 2017 alone, with 12% representing ground-mount installations with solar trackers.[2]

PowerworX India 1217_Group Shot

Group shot of recent PowerworX Academy graduates, Dec. 27-29, Hyderabad, India

We at NEXTracker have our finger on the Indian renewable energy pulse. Responding to customer demand to train their crews, we are expanding our successful PowerworX™ Academy to service our global customers – beyond the U.S. Our PowerworX training sessions are led by cross functional NEXTracker teams who present deep dives on our technology and best practices for installation of our NX Horizon™ single-axis tracker.

Held last week, our first international PowerworX session was led by our expert India-based team.  Over three days, we welcomed our new partner companies: Sterling and Wilson, Suzlon, Renew Power, DMSS Infra, Staten Solar, Profuse Group, and Chowdhary Construction. We couldn’t be more excited about the turnout and response from our guests. 

PowerworX India 1217_Presenations

Attendees listen intently to VP & GM Operations, Rajeev Kashap at NEXTracker Hyderabad Office

More than 75 attendees soaked up presentations on NX Horizon’s advantages over fixed tilt applications, and best practices for installing our technology in the Indian environment – from soil to geotechnical requirements. Other sessions included NEXTracker services including operations and maintenance (O&M), commissioning, and troubleshooting.  Lastly, with numerous installations in India commissioned, we concluded with local case studies for relevancy.

Just as with our U.S. PowerworX sessions, the highlight for our Indian trainees was the field training. For hours, trainees got to use what they learn and put it to practice. Whether they are customers themselves or 3rd party installers, the methodology behind PowerworX allows our installer partners to apply best practices and understand how easy it is to install the NX Horizon tracker. After all, seeing is believing.  

PowerworX India 1217_HandsOn1

Attendees begin the hands-on installation training

PowerworX India 1217_HandsOn2

Indian installer trainees get their hands on the NX Horizon

Attendees walked away from the course empowered, prepared, and ready to start installing their projects. Due to the resounding success of last week’s sessions in India, we are already planning the next few sessions to ensure our Indian EPC partner success.

PowerworX India 1217_certificate

PowerworX Academy “graduate” receives his Certificate of Completion

We are extremely proud to be growing our popular PowerworX Academy sessions globally. We can only advance the power plant of the future if we support the pieces of this renewable energy puzzle.  We’re delighted to support the workforce development in India and elsewhere, as the country strives to reach its impressive renewable energy targets.

We do know the program works and the feedback has been more than we anticipated.  There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a training program grow and come into its own.  Now that we’ve reached our one year anniversary of the program, we’d like to salute all our PowerworX graduates over this past year.

Watch for more PowerworX sessions in the U.S. and across the globe. If you have questions or suggestions, send us a note:

Together with our global customers, we’re working hand in hand, with boots on the ground…to secure, clean, affordable energy for all.  

With love and support from Fremont to Hyderabad,

Power On.


[1] Natural Resources Defense Council Interim Report: “Clean Energy Powers Local Job Growth in India,” Feb. 2015.

[2] Greentech Media, The Global PV Tracker Landscape, pg. 53, Oct. 2016.