Cleaning Mode for Easier O&M by NEXTracker

By on December 12, 2016

This brief “cleaning mode” video tells all. At the heart of our NX Horizon solar tracker design is both the plant operator and their need for easier site operations and maintenance; and solar developers who aims to keep costs low and the site operating with the highest reliability. For our EPC and developer customers, our solar tracker systems must have a positive payback and any additional costs to maintain the system are outweighed by increases in energy production. Routine cleaning of panels is an activity that is essential to achieving this and often a costly piece of operating expense. With all linked-row systems, motors and drive electronics are typically located in between rows, which increases both the cost and complexity of cleaning activities. The NX Horizon single-axis tracker by NEXTracker, on the other hand, uses a small, integrated solar generator, which eliminates the need to tie-in to an external grid or provide ground protection throughout the site. This leaves rows unimpeded, making site maintenance and vegetation management faster, more efficient and considerably lowers maintenance costs (often times 4-5 times less). Site commissioning is faster and easier, too.