NEXTracker Designs to Scale

By on September 23, 2016

Take a world tour with NEXTracker as we soar above agricultural lands, deserts and plains with glorious drone footage of solar projects – both small and large. What you’ll notice is that ground-mounted solar power arrays are taking root around the world – increasingly displacing traditional fossil fuel power plants with clean, renewable electricity generation. In our work, we have found that system developers and installers face different challenges as they deploy ground-mounted solar in two key – yet distinct – application segments: utility-scale and distributed generation (DG).

Significant differences in utility-scale versus DG may manifest in all phases of a project, from planning and design to logistics and construction. There are variations in process and execution on the technical side (e.g., system design, mechanical, and electrical and civil engineering), as well as on the commercial side (e.g., contracts and procurement).

Through this video, we’d like to share our experiences and lessons learned from developing solar tracking technologies and installing both types of power systems.