NEXTracker is Named a 2016 Edison Award Winner

By on April 22, 2016



NEXTracker Wins at New York Ceremony; Awards Celebrate 29 Years of Honoring Innovators and Innovation

NEW YORK, NY, April 22, 2016 – The Edison Awards, celebrating 29 years of honoring the best in innovation and excellence in the development of new products and services, announced that NEXTracker, a Flex company, was voted a Silver Winner for innovation for its NX Horizon solar tracker, in the Energy & Sustainability / Carbon Reduction category, at the April 21st event at The Capitale in New York City.  NEXTracker joined hundreds of executives from some of the world’s most recognized companies to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of all of the 2016 Edison Award winners. 

Being recognized with an Edison Award has become one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation and business. The awards are named after Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) whose inventions, new product development methods and innovative achievements literally changed the world, garnered him 1,093 U.S. patents, and made him a household name around the world. 

“Our judges recognized NEXTracker as a true innovator out of the many products in its category,” said Frank Bonafilia, executive director of the Edison Awards.

Noted NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar: “We’re thrilled that NEXTracker has been acknowledged with the award named for one of the 20th Century’s greatest inventors, Thomas Edison, who famously said: ‘I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.’  For several decades, the NEXTracker team has been inventing and evolving innovative products designed to accelerate global solar deployment – making it a mainstream resource in our world’s energy portfolio.  Our NX Horizon tracker facilitates higher energy yields and greater financial return on investment.”

NEXTracker’s NX Horizon tracker is a leading solution for distributed generation and utility-scale solar power systems; its fewer foundations and assembly points help mitigate geotechnical risk and accelerate project construction schedules. Its independent rows and high slope tolerance, minimize site preparation costs while facilitating industry-leading power density. NX Horizon’s self-grounding and self-powered design provides valuable savings in labor and materials, while its 120 degree rotational range enable PV systems to take full advantage of high irradiance regions. NX Horizon’s key mechanical and electrical components are all a minimum of 40″ above the ground, mitigating dirt, flooding, and vegetation concerns. 

Other award winners honored tonight included Bosch, Caterpillar, ChargePoint, and Black & Veatch.  One of the evening’s many highlights was the presentation of the prestigious Edison Achievement Award to John Chambers, Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems, lauded as one of Barron’s World’s Best CEO’s and Time’s “100 Most Influential People.”  The award honors innovation leaders and business executives who have made a significant and lasting contribution to innovation throughout their careers. The Edison Achievement Award serves as an inspiration to future innovators and to the world at large.

The ballot of nominees for the Edison Awards™ was judged by a panel of more than 3,000 leading business executives including past award winners, academics and leaders in the fields of product development, design, engineering, science and medical.  

In addition to the Awards Gala, the annual Edison Awards program encompassed a full-day “Meet the Innovators Forum” and the “Innovators’ Showcase,” which offered guests a hands-on experience with many of the winning products.


About NEXTracker

NEXTracker, a Flex company, advances the power plant of the future with advanced PV system innovations that empower solar power plants of all sizes to increase performance and reduce costs. Globally recognized for delivering the most advanced PV solutions for 100s of projects across five continents, NEXTracker is one of the fastest growing clean technology companies in solar today. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Company has offices in China, India, Latin America, and Australia. 

About the Edison Awards™
The Edison Awards is a program conducted by Edison Universe, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to fostering future innovators. The Awards have been recognizing and honoring the best in innovations and innovators since 1987. They honor game-changing innovations that are at the forefront of new product and service development, marketing and human-centered design, and are one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of successful innovation. For more information about the Edison Awards complete program and a list of past winners, visit