NEXTracker Increases Manufacturing Presence in Brazil

By on November 18, 2015

 World’s most advanced solar tracker manufacturer adds office, manufacturing and local sales executives to meet Brazil’s solar utility demand

FREMONT, CA, NOV. 18, 2015
NEXTracker™, a Flex company, today announced that it has expanded its manufacturing presence in Brazil to meet regional demand for the Company’s smart, connected, and proven solar trackers.  Leveraging Flex’s manufacturing base in Sorocaba, São Paulo State, and supported by over 9,000 Brazilian Flex employees, NEXTracker is now in a position to provide a Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) compliant version of its product to solar farm developers and EPCs interested in accessing the local development bank credit lines, as well as to service the region with local spare parts inventory and technical support.  

“NEXTracker is thrilled to be supporting our customers with projects in Brazil by producing and installing hundreds of MW’s of solar trackers locally,” said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar.  “Brazil represents the next frontier in Latin American solar deployment, and opening a NEXTracker Brazil office with Flex positions us to serve this very important market.”  
Brazil’s federal energy planning authority (EPE) recently doubled its forecast for installed capacity to 7GW by 2024, owing to the result of the country’s initial solar auctions.

“NEXTracker’s experience and innovative products, coupled with Flex’s manufacturing expertise, operational discipline and financial strength is exactly what is needed to help Brazil achieve its solar energy goals,” said Nelson Falcão, NEXTracker Country Manager.  “The product features and executive experience will enable our customers to have successful projects, while contributing to the Brazilian economy by adding solar jobs.”

The leading solution for commercial, industrial and utility-scale solar power systems, NEXTracker is now being used in a significant percentage of grounded-mounted PV projects, with over 100 MW per week of current shipments NEXTracker’s fewer foundations and assembly points help mitigate geotechnical risk and accelerate project construction schedules. 

With independent rows and high slope tolerance, NEXTracker minimizes site preparation costs while providing the flexibility to install up more solar power per site.  NEXTracker ensures key mechanical and electrical tracker components (such as the motor, drive and controller) are safely above the ground with a minimum of 36” clearance – enabling proper vegetation management and allowance for flood and snow conditions.  NEXTracker’s enhanced construction tolerances, self-grounding and self-powered design provide valuable savings in labor and materials.  The tracker’s wide rotational range and advanced tracking algorithms provides a significant energy yield gains, of 15 to 30% more energy, compared to non-tracking solar arrays in sunny areas.  

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Watch video drone footage of South American solar plant using 100MWs of NEXTracker solar trackers: video.
About NEXTracker
NEXTracker, a Flex company, leads the solar tracking category as a designer and manufacturer of advanced single axis PV trackers, offering significant breakthroughs in horizontal tracking, with lower costs, better performance and more flexibility for ground-mounted solar power plants.  These benefits increase solar project profits for developers, EPCs and system owners. Leveraging world-class design and installation expertise, NEXTracker has delivered trackers for projects across five continents. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, NEXTracker is one of the fastest growing clean technology companies in the solar industry.